DirectHer Network is a women-led not-for-profit dedicated to empowering Albertan women with the tools and support necessary to serve on boards. DirectHer was founded in 2019 in response to watching an overwhelming number of capable women self-select out of leadership opportunities thinking they didn’t perfectly satisfy 100% of the application criteria.

To help eliminate fear as a barrier to entry, we developed a low-cost workshop focusing on demystifying the boardroom. DirectHer offers exposure to board jargon and process, and instills confidence in women - confidence to take the next step and get on board.


We’ve got goals, and we don’t care who knows.

DirectHer Network is working to:

  1. Normalize the discussion surrounding women’s participation on boards.

  2. Empower diverse Albertan women to seek out opportunities to join not-for-profit boards.

  3. Provide women in Alberta with the tools and opportunities necessary to pave the way towards improving the ratio of women serving on for-profit boards; in order to improve diversity of thought in the spaces where decisions are made.


Chantel Cabaj

Chantel Cabaj
President & Founder


Elsa Johnson

Elsa Johnson
Board Chair